Anti Aging Therapy

Imagine you're one hundred years old. After rising from a restful night's sleep, you play a round of golf, attend a friend's 105th birthday party, do some gardening, continue your model car project, dine with your wife of 60 years, and later catch the show at the cineplex.

Sounds far fetched? Welcome to the 21st century and the world of anti-aging medicine. 

How do you plan to spend the last years of your life? Have you actually given it much thought? Because we are all confronted daily with the plight of the elderly, it may be discomforting to ponder what the autumn of life may have in store for us. Is the above scenario what you imagine? That is, does it mainly involve a vision of a full, active, engaging life? If it does not, it should. 
You can start taking the steps to giving your body and mind what they need to stay, look, and feel continuously young.

Until the phenomenal arrival of Anti-aging Medicine, prospects for the old and very old were at best mysterious and uncertain, and at worst, bleak. Few people ever escape old age without suffering a little, if not a lot. The future of old age for many seems to lie in the hands of unknown forces—fate, God, environmental factors, the genetic code. Whatever people's belief in one, or all, or none of these, there seems to be no solid rhyme or reason why one person outlives another, or why one suffers the ravages of old age more than another. Making it until old age then becomes a function of some unknown cause, and few believe they could influence, in any decisive manner, how long they will live or the quality of life they could have when this time comes along.

But, with the advent of Anti-Aging Medicine, there is little need to 
fear an old age dominated by frailty, illness and suffering. Recent scientific discoveries have revealed some startling insights into our biological make-up. Scientists and medical professionals are starting to learn that maybe we could slow down the aging process and actually gain more influence over health in old age. As usual, scientific discoveries soon translated into new technologies which are increasing the distance between chronological age and biological age.

What these new advancements in Anti-Aging Medicine are accomplishing is nothing short of astounding. This is great news for many Americans who feel that they would like to live to one hundred if their health remained strong. There is hope in sight, no matter how old you are.

The five proven secrets to longevity are:

  • Anti-aging hormones replacement
  • Anti-aging nutritional supplements
  • Anti-aging precision exercise
  • Anti-aging diet
  • Anti-aging stress reduction

Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is responsible for not only the rapid, sustained growth of children, but for replenishing and rejuvenating the cells of the body. When this does not occur, we age. Together with the age-old remedies of eating right, reducing stress and anti-aging-specific exercise, hormones form a powerful alliance in retarding the aging process.

Nutritional supplements are also potent anti-aging remedies. New research has shown that many vitamins function as powerful antioxidants in retarding the aging process.

A successful anti-aging program is specific for your needs and tailored to your body. Dr. Bronner can help you craft an individualized anti-aging regimen that will keep you healthy for many years to come.