Naturopathic Pediatrics

The philosophy of Naturopathic pediatrics is truly preventive. Our goal is to support the natural immunity-building

processes in the body and interfere as little as possible. If a child is sick, we try to determine if the proper building blocks for the body are being provided to grow and maintain health (good nutrition, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, essential sugars, and calories) and correct any deficiencies.

Naturopathic pediatricians monitor growth and development. and provide needed assistance to fight off infection (homeopathy, botanical medicines, vitamins, minerals, essential sugars, and at times, antibiotics) but especially try to protect gut immunity with probiotics (natural organisms that promote gut health.)

Naturopathic pediatricians look at stressors (such as molds, chemicals, interpersonal struggles, dietary mistakes) that might be lowering the child’s immunity and try to help parents problem-solve in correcting the home environment. We are happy to refer your child to the best specialists in Southern California when we feel that specialty care is needed.