Pros-Tech 60 Vegetarian Tablets


Prostate Protection

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Prost Tech

Male dietary supplement with saw palmetto, pygeum, pumpkin and nettle to help
improve over male health.

Maintaining optimal health depends on several things including a healthy
diet, a balanced lifestyle, regular exercise and adequate rest. Dietary
supplements can also contribute to an overall sense of well being by ensuring
that the body receives the vital nutrients it needs to function properly and are
necessary for good health.

Prost Tech Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size (gtab) 2
Servings Per 60
Zinc (mg) 25
Selenium (mcg) 55
Copper (mg) 2
Saw Palmetto Extract 300mg
Nettle Root Extract 250mg
Phytosterol Complex 250mg
L-Alanine 100mg
L-Glutamine 100mg
L-Glycine 100mg
Pumkin Seed 50mg
Pygeum Bars 10mg
Lycopene 3mg
Prost Tech Suggested Use:
2 or more tablets daily preferably with fruit juice. More effective when taken
with carbohydrates, not protein.




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